Michael Masters

As a child I grew up with animals around me, in particular dogs - Jack Russell terriers to be precise - which my father used for hunting...

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Ilfracombe & District Canine Society – Open Show

Feb 17th

Off down the motorway to Matford Centre, Exeter again for Mark & Rose, this time for breed judge Mrs J Eyeington. Rosie delighted us by winning the puppy class, best puppy in breed, best of breed & puppy group 2!

Plymouth & District Canine Society – Open Show

Feb 10th

Mark ventured down the motorway to Exeter to attend this well run show with Rosie (Manchela Lady Million) under well know judge, Mr Bill Brown-Cole (Travella). She delighted us by winning a very strong Special Yearling class, Best of Breed, … Continue reading

Hampshire & Sussex Cocker Spaniel Club – Championship Show

Jan 20th

Delighted that Erin (Manchela Where The Heart Is) won the bitch CC (her first after 5 x res cc’s) under Mrs Angela Mclaren Marson (Bencleuch) and declared BEST IN SHOW with the agreement of the dog judge Mr John Irwin … Continue reading

South Western Golden Retriever Club – Open Show

Sep 30th

Fabulous day judging the South Western Golden Retriever Club Open Show today where I found some lovely exhibits. Thank you to the officers and committee for the invitation and most of all the to exhibitors for making a quality entry. … Continue reading