Manchela Tiger Tim JW

Sh Ch Manchela Tiger Tim JW, photo taken at 11 months old

5 generation pedigree

Sh Ch Glowhill Silver Spur
Sh Ch Kyna by Request
Kyna Mr Bo Jangles
Kyna Rox Ya Rhythm to Royaldean
Glowhill Cheeky Chic
Irish Sh Ch & Sh Ch Lindridge Ticket To Ride
Glowhill Catherine Wheel
Sh Ch Manchela Wild Willow
GB Sh Ch/SU (u) Ch Manchela Born to be Wild JW
Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel
Manchela Autumnal Thyme
Manchela Make it Blue
Sh Ch Manchela Blue Lagoon JW
Manchela Make a Wish JW 1 Res cc
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