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LKA Championship Show

Last Championship show of the year – early start and rain all day but enjoyed the show and the atmosphere. Judging today was Joanna Darby (Classicway)

Zorro won 1st in Puppy dog and declare Best Puppy Dog

Timmy won 1st in Junior dogĀ and Ramona won 3rd in Junior bitch

A Merry Christmas & A Happy, Properous & Lucky 2016 – see you all next year!

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London Cocker Spaniel Club – Championship Show

Judges for this show were: Dogs – Fonia Mace (Fonesse) & Bitches – Jackie Marris-Bray (Helenwood)


Zorro won 2 x 1st’s & Best Puppy Dog, thus gaining the last points for his Junior Warrant!

Timmy won 1st in Junior dog and Ramona won 2nd in AOC Graduate bitch

Loved the idea of the shared buffet provided by the exhibitors but generally didn’t enjoy this show – we were squashed into half the hall due to double booking (I believe) and the noise was unbearable!!!! I know that others found it all entertaining but it is a dog show at the end of the day and the facilities were not suitable (IMO).

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