Michael Masters

As a child I grew up with animals around me, in particular dogs - Jack Russell terriers to be precise - which my father used for hunting...

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South Western Golden Retriever Club – Open Show

Sep 30th

Fabulous day judging the South Western Golden Retriever Club Open Show today where I found some lovely exhibits. Thank you to the officers and committee for the invitation and most of all the to exhibitors for making a quality entry. … Continue reading

Richmond Championship Show

Sep 10th

Rosie (Manchela Lady Million) was shown for the first time in Minor Puppy and delighted us by showing her socks off and was awarded 1st place. Erin (Manchela Where the Heart is JW) won 1st in Junior and res cc. … Continue reading

North Devon Canine Society Open Show

Sep 9th

Erin wins Junior, BOB and Gundog group 3 under judge Mrs Sue Almey

City of Birmingham Championship Show

Sep 3rd

Erin wins another Junior class and another res cc – judge today was Glynnys Goodwin (Sarabar)